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From Port Angeles to Kennewick and everywhere in between, Washington drivers need car insurance: and they deserve the best value for their money. Whether you are a commuter in busy Seattle or you live in the countryside, transportation is a requirement for living your normal life the way you want to live it. You rely on your vehicle for everything from getting to the grocery store and going to work to getting to the movies or other sources of recreation. The average Washingtonian loves to enjoy the great outdoors of their beautiful state, and they need transportation to get them there. However, if you utilize your car without car insurance then you are asking for trouble.

If you get pulled over while driving in Washington you had better have auto insurance. If you can't show proof of insurance you will be fined a minimum of $450 according to the Washington Auto Insurance Rules. In order to comply with the law you need to at least have liability insurance. However, if you get in an accident which is your fault then you will wish you had coverage for yourself as well. An accident can set you back thousands of dollars to repair your own vehicle, which some families and individuals just don't have. Even if you have the money, why pay it if you don't have to? Make sure you have coverage to protect yourself, in case something you don't expect occurs.

If you ended up in a situation where you didn't have a car to drive how would you get to work? How would you get the kids to school or practice? How would you get to go hiking, or out to eat? Your transportation is too important to risk, you need to protect it. Car insurance is one of the most complicated things to shop for since the rules are so vast. Washington residents are bombarded by ads from multiple companies and agents on a daily basis, which one do you choose? It is also complicated to compare rates when they are offering different amounts of coverage. However, we have simplified the process to ensure that you can make an informed decision and be confident you are getting a good deal. Simply enter your zip code above to shop and compare rates from quality insurance providers in your area.

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