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In Virginia, you should at least purchase liability coverage for yourself because if you cause an accident you can be sued for the value of the damage that you caused. Cheap auto insurance provides at least some protection. If you have assets they will take them, if don't then they will take whatever it is that you do have. This is not a risk that you want to take, get insurance and protect yourself from having to pay thousands out of pocket.

For residents of Virginia driving is a necessity. Having a car that is in working condition is absolutely necessary. You need it for all aspects of your life such as going to work, not just to go on long road trips and other recreational activities. However, next time you drive your car there's a chance that somebody will not be paying attention, run a red light, and smash the side of your car in, requiring thousands of dollars to fix. In addition, the crash could put you in the hospital, unable to work, and racking up monstrous medical bills which you will have to pay back. It sounds like this person who hit you was being negligent, and that they are responsible for paying for the damages that they caused you. The law and Virginia Auto Insurance Rules agree, but if the person is uninsured and they don't have any money, there's not really much that can be done. The way to protect yourself from this situation is to purchase uninsured drivers insurance. This type of insurance gives you money for when the driver who hit you doesn't have anything to pay up. It's not legally required in the state of Virginia, but if you get into this situation you will be very glad you had it. This is something that you definitely should have because in Virginia you can pay a $500 dollar fee instead of buying insurance, meaning there are lots of drivers on the road who do not have liability coverage.

Buying insurance can be a confusing process with all the commercials and claims of all the different companies. Make it easy for yourself by using this website. Simply type your zipcode in above to begin to see competitive rates from local insurance providers who could save you a lot of money.

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