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In Georgia, all drivers need to have car insurance, and they all deserve to have the very best rate. Try using our site to find cheap auto insurance from quality companies.

Liability coverage is the minimum required in Georgia for all drivers, but what is liability coverage? Liability coverage is when you get money from an insurance company to help pay for damages that you cause while behind the wheel. This includes damage to property, such as other cars, and it also includes bodily harm damage, such as medical bills for somebody who is injured as a result of your actions. If you do not obtain this type of insurance then you are risking significant legal penalties. These include license and registration suspension and fines. In addition to breaking Georgia Auto Insurance Rules, if you drive without insurance then you are taking an irresponsible financial risk upon yourself and your family. Insurance or no insurance, if you cause an accident then you are required to pay for the damages. This could be thousands of dollars, which would be a financially crippling amount to be forced to pay. Liability coverage protects you from this and can keep you behind the wheel, even if you make one mistake. A lapse in concentration that could lead to an accident can happen to anyone, its important to be protected if it does happen to you.

In addition to liability coverage, you should also purchase supplemental coverage such as uninsured motorist. In Georgia, 16% of drivers are uninsured. If somebody hits you and they don't have insurance then you may not be able to collect very much from them. The law cannot force somebody to pay you something that they do not have, and if your new car is totaled by a driver with no insurance and no other assets you could be out a lot of money. Protect yourself with uninsured motorist, that way you won't be set back thousands by a driver who wasn't responsible enough to have insurance. Shopping for car insurance is fairly complex with all of the different types of coverage's and companies that provide them. However, it doesn't have to overwhelm you. Simply type in your zipcode in the box above and you will see competitive rates from many local insurance providers, allowing you to make a confident and educated decision.

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